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Just Be Me (A Selfie Video - Computer & Mobile version) ~ It's been a while since I have been able to sit back have some fun and just be me. I hope you can lay back and enjoy yourself as I did in this video for you. CLICK HRE and just enjoy me all to yourself.

Little Do They Know (Computer & Mobile version) ~ I recently went for a little weekend get away with my partner in crime for a sexy fun weekend. This trip was so last minute I was completely not prepared. Day two into our trip I ran out of clean clothes and lucky for me they had a laundry room for the guests to use. Me being the exhibitionist I am decided to go to the laundry room in the middle of the day in just my robe and heels and make a naughty video for you. CLICK HERE and see just how little did they know what was taking place right behind clothes doors.

Dirty Little Secret (1080p HD & Mobile versions) ~ We all have a few skeletons in our closet. Of course some of us have more than others but we all have secrets we won't even share with the closest people in our life. I personally love the fact knowing that I am that skeleton in a few of your closets. If I am not yet your guilty little secret of shame and ever presence risk of exposure CLICK HERE and let me become your dirty little secret.

Home Alone With Gia 5 (1080p HD & Mobile versions) ~ Having alone time is one of things that when it happens I take full advantage if it. I like to focus on me. Alone time comes so few and far between that when it happens I like to do all the things I don't get to do normally. Bubble baths, a good book and a good old fashion orgasm. CLICK HERE and come spend some alone time with me!

Let's Get Physical (1080p HD & Mobile versions) ~ I am not one for working out but as I get older it's something I don't have a choice on . Things are just not as tight and lifted as they were when I was in my twenties. To make it more interesting I figured I could get good workout in while also getting some hot pictures. Things definitely got a little hot and steamy. CLICK HERE and let's get Physical!

A Girls Got To Do What A girls Got To Do (1080p HD & Mobile versions) ~ We have all had those situations where we have to go pee so badly is does not even matter where we drop our pants as long as we can relieve yourself. Well a photo shoot is no exception. In stead of wasting the photographers time while I take a potty break I just decided to make a photo shoot out of the whole situation. Don't worry I was a sweetie and wiped the seatie when I was done. CLICK HERE and see just what I had up my sleeve for this shy shop worker.

Blowing Off Work (1080p HD & Mobile versions) ~ I have began working part time just for the holidays at a local sign shop. I only work the weekends for just a few hours each Saturday and Sunday. The job is very low stress and love the fact that I don't have to deal with any customers. For the most part I only deal with the staff. one of the staff members who works in the shop I am always catching him stare at me. When I catch him he always looks away quickly as embarrassed. He never speaks to me and in fact I am not even sure if he can speak. I was feeling a little naughty and figured I would go out to shop and do a little naughty teasing and see if I could get him to come out of his shell. Boy was he in for a surprise. CLICK HERE and see just what I had up my sleeve for this shy shop worker.

50 Shades of Mr. Black ~ After reading 50 Shaded Of Gray I have had this intense desire to live out some of the naughty play scenes in the book. I found my Mr. Black and had him come help me out play out some of those naughty fantasies I have been having. Mr. Black blind folds me with his suit tie and has me perform sloppy deep throat on his 9 1/2 inch cock. I was such a good little girl that he rewards me with all his cum in my mouth. See what a good little cum slut I was for Mr. Black. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Fetish Fantasy ~ I dressed up just how you asked me too. I want nothing more than to please you. I want to make you want me so badly that your cock is throbbing so hard for me. I want you to dominate me and take control of my body and mind. I am only hear to serve you and be your good little submissive slut. I want to take all your cum in all my holes like a good little cum slut would. CLICK HERE and take my little slut pussy.

Unwrapped ~ You know that feeling you get when you get a gift that is so pretty that you almost don't want to unwrap it? You almost feel guilty ripping the paper to open your own present. I did not want you all to feel that way so I took the pleasure of unwrapping myself. Click here and come get your pretty little present. CLICK HERE AND JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Got MILF? ~ I have received so many emails from some members and of fans that had seen my scene with Reality Kings ( The Milf Hunter) saying how much you all enjoyed the scene and especially enjoyed the blue sling shot bathing suit they had me in. I was able to find a suit almost identical to the one Reality Kings had me in and had to do my own reenactment. No need to hunt for a milf because you got one right here. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

General Admission ~ This is a first come first serve show. For those of you who have already purchased your ticket I want to thank you and inform you to please sit back and enjoy the show. When the show starts I ask that you have all your electronics and other disturbances put away for you will not want to miss a moment of this naughty show. Proceed to climax with me. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Bounce ~ A very good friend of mine XE Photography asked me to be one of his XE models for his site. Of course I was flattered and said yes. I however would never leave my members out. I decided to do this fun video of me in slow motion and fast motion bouncing and dancing around just for you all. Come have some fun with me. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Pop My Cherry ~ Would you not like to come home to your woman cooking or baking in nothing but a sexy apron in heels? I figured you would. As I am cleaning up and washing the dishes I begin to think of how erotic it would be if you were to come home as I am spread on the counter top playing with my sweet little pussy. I begin to masturbate with the soapy suds getting so wet. I can not help my pleasure myself as I wait. If you are just as inpatient as I am click here and lets play. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Time To Cum ~ This was one of those days where I got home from a hard day and just wanted some needed rest and relaxation. I had every intention of laying on the couch and doing absolutely nothing. Good music and my imagination got the best of me and I started to feel a little like I needed more than just a nap. Lets get that cum we both needed.

Home Alone with Gia 4 ~ Step inside club Gia. Let me take you back into the champagne room and give you the sexiest lap dance you will ever have. I hope you brought you dollar bills and a towel because you are going to need both. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Home Alone With Gia ~ We all know what happens when I am home alone by now he he. I got so much feedback from you guys loving these home alone pov vids so I had to deliver. See how naughty I am when I am alone and horny. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Fun Times ~ 11+ Mins. ~ Just letting go and having fun. Lucky for you I let you in to watch. I am all about pleasing myself here. I hope you can lay back and let yourself go as I do and enjoy all the guilty pleasures. Lets be greedy together. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

The Seduction ~ 10+ Mins. ~ I was feeling so sexy in my new lingerie that I decided to call you into the bedroom and have you sit on the edge of the bed and watch while I seduce you. I do a naughty little strip tease for you slowly undressing myself and running my fingers over my hard little pink nipples. Showing you just enough to have you wanting more. Click here and see what happens next. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Fuck Machine ~ 14+ Mins. ~ My girlfriend Madison came back to visit me. Madison came this time with some naughty party favors. To my pleasant surprise she brought one of her fuck machines over for me to try. She knew I had never tried one and she did not want me to go through life without experiencing one. After all what are friends for? he he . Watch me take on the FUCK MACHINE! JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Cocksucker ~ 16+ Mins. ~ My girlfriend Madison and I were on our way to a party Friday night and unfortunately ended up at the wrong house. We go in expecting this huge party and to our surprise there is just a single guy there. We explain to him the situation that we spent all our money on the cab fair to get to the party and now we have no funds to get from his location to the correct destination. He agrees to help us out by giving us some cab fair. There was just one little stipulation that we would need to suck his cock for the money. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Click here and see what this cocksucker pulls on us.  JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

The Accidental Foot Job ~ 9+ Mins. ~ I am home alone waiting for my man to come back from the store and his friend who I won't name names come by to visit. Me being a good host tell him to hangout and make himself and home. I tell him he should not have to wait to long because I am expecting him to be back within a few minutes. I know this friend has a huge fetish for woman's feet so I begin to tease him. I slowly slip my feet in and out of my heels letting him sneak a peak of my pretty red toes. I know he is getting so turned on watching me. He slowly slips his body under my foot positioned just right to where I could stroke his cock with my foot. I pretended as if I did not know what was going on. Little did he know I was fully aware and caught the whole act on my cell phone. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Sissy Boy ~ 10+ Mins. ~ Indica invited me out to her house to have a nice relaxing girl day by the pool. While enjoying some cocktails and catching up on girl talk we hear some noise coming from behind us in the bushes. To our surprise there was a peeping Tom there watching us. We were both furious. Indica took off on foot and caught the bastard. We made an agreement with him that we would not call the police and press charges if he would let us punish him. Just see what we did to this peeping Tom! JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

The Rub Downy ~ 9+ Mins. ~ I got a band new bikini and just had to put it to some use. The weather was just perfect for me to site by the pool and enjoy nature. I guess my neighbor had the same idea. As I am relaxing I hear my neighbor around the corner . He is outside with his new camera supposedly testing it out on some birds. I knew he was full of shit. I called him over and put him to work. I had him oiling my ass and breasts up while the whole time I knowingly know he is recording me. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Bad Kitty (HD Video) ~ 8+ Mins. ~ My sexy Mistress friend Indica Greenly had me back for a little Animal role-play. Animal role-play is popular in BDSM culture as a form of subjugation or humiliation, and is often referred to as pet play. Mistress Indica stepped into the role of my master and I as her obedient black Kitty. My owner gave me plenty of love and affection when I obeyed and I even got to play with a ball and string. When I misbehaved I was punished and my owner made me very aware of her disappointment. This may be very weird for some to watch and understand but keep a open mind and take a walk on the wild side with me. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Home Alone with Gia 2 (HD Video) ~ 7+ Mins. ~ After all your compliments on your enjoyment of the first home alone video I heard your requests are here we are with a part 2. After all you know I am all about pleasing. Lay back with me and lets please ourselves . With this extreme pov video you feel as if you are the one sliding your cock inside me, feeling my pussy up with you hard cock. I don't have to be alone any longer... JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

What Dreams Are Made Of (HD Video) ~ 25+ Mins. ~ This video is defiantly over the top on the pleasure scale. I am sure to have you coming multiple times in this one. This calls for a rain coat and a roll of paper towel. Click here and lets get wet ... JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Railed (HD Video) ~ 4+ Mins. ~ I get a ton of requests from you all about wanting to see me out in the public. A friend of mine knew about a great spot that was kind of hid from the road but not at all deserted. When he told me it was a railroad I was so excited to shoot out there. The cool thing was while I was shooting the train started to come and I could feel the vibrations in the tracks as the train got closer. In the video you can even see me reacting to the vibration of the train. The photographer even asked while shooting the vid are you ok or do you want to move. I nodded yes and continued to masturbate as the train neared closer. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

A Foot Tale (HD Video) ~ 10+ Mins. ~ Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a friends help? I recently came into a bit of a situation where I needed to call a friend for some emergency help. I recently found out my man has a foot fetish and I have never done a foot job before. I called a friend of mine and had him cover over to be my little guinea pig. I wanted to be up to par for when the time came for me to perform on my partner. I did so well that my friend has a new Fetish. See how sticky things got. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

ON The Naughty List ~ 6+ Mins. ~ You have seen a little glimpse info why I was put on Santa's  naughty list with last weeks update. You now get to see in action why Santa said I was very naughty. Even though my behavior landed me with a bag of coal does not mean you will not be left out. A bunch of my members emailed me and said if I could have anything for Christmas I would ask to have you Gia under my tree. Your wish has been granted. Merry Christmas. Watch how this present even unwraps itself. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Gia ~ 7+ Mins. ~ Since most of us are experiencing very cool temperatures now I only thought it would be right to heat things up a bit. If you have a heart condition or have high or low blood pressure you may not to ride this ride I am about to take you on.. If your cock stays erect for more than the duration of the video please seek medical attention. Now that I have given my disclaimer and covered all basis drop your pants and click here because things are about to get hot. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned (4 Seperate Videos) ~ Forgive me father for I have sinned. I am here to today to confess to you that I have indulged in some very bad behavior. I have been very glutinous. I have had an inordinate desire to consume more sexual satisfaction than ones needs. I have lusted to pleasure my body over and over again. I am also guilty of greed. I have only thought of myself and did not share my body with anyone but myself. I know your arms are open for me. I know you can welcome me back with love. I am here and ready to come back to the light. Click here to be granted forgiveness. . JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Tasty ~ 8+ Mins. ~ While you were at work I made you a nice tasty sweet surprise. I just know how you love your sweets and could not resist to surprise you with some . I made your favorite homemade blueberry muffins. I also know you love when I wear my apron with nothing on under it. You know how I love to please you so I put on my sexy pink paten leather heels and nothing but my apron and slaved over a hot stove just for you. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Home Alone ~ 4+ Mins. ~ Home alone and horny. What's a girl to do other than grab her cell phone and my toy and get off. I give you extreme pov in this video along with very up close pussy. I was imagining I had a nice hard cock in my pussy while I was fucking myself with my toy. My tight little pussy came so hard all over my toy. mmm. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Sugar Sweet ~ 9+ Mins. ~ You have kept us waiting long enough. Me and Faith have been waiting with anticipation all day for you to arrive home and fulfill our need for your cum. We both dressed in our sexy lingerie that we know you love and wore your favorite perfume. Drop your pants and begin stroking your cock for us as we wait with anticipation for your to fill our mouths with your warm cum. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Sugar Sweet ~ 4+ Mins. ~ We fall asleep each night in hopes of having sweet dreams. When we wake up from our dreams they always seem to be a bit hazy and never can remember the whole dream. When I awoke from my dream I was curious  the meaning behind it. According to Dream moods me being in bondage and masturbating signifies my unacknowledged and unexpressed sexual needs/desires and my desires to be more sexually submissive or that you have unacknowledged sexual passions. This dream could of not fit me more to the T. This clip is a walkthrough through into my mind while dreaming. Sweet dreams xoxo. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Sugar Sweet ~ 12+ Mins. ~ Have you ever wondered what happens when two naughty girls get a craving for sweets? My sexy girlfriend Demmi came by and she has just as much of a sweet tooth as me.. We enjoyed each others sweet spot and satisfied our craving for sugary sweet goodness for now. Nothing beats candy and pussy. Both my weakness. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Wet ~ Voyeurism In The Shower ~ 12+ Mins. ~ I wanted to invite you into a very up close and personal time in every girls life and that is no place other than the shower. This is me doing my every day routine. No acting here just me shaving and showering. Oh yeah you even get to see me without the makeup ... Ahh scary. ha ha JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Double Her Pleasure - HD Video ~ 6+ Mins. ~ Me and my girlfriend Faith went out for a little Friday fun girl time. We started at our favorite local spot for drinks and dancing. As we were drinking and having fun two very hot guys approach us and ask to buy us a drink. We are drinking and dancing with these two guys and really just hitting it off. We decide to take the party back to Faith's house . We arrive and things get crazy and wild as it always does when horny me and drinks are involved. I start talking about I have never given two guys a blow job at the same time and I want to do it. Of course the guys are game.. I kneel down and begin the suck and lick both of there cocks. I felt like such a dirty little whore and I loved it. Faith joins in on the action and we both take turns teasing there cocks. Sharing is caring ... he he. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Girl Crush - HD Video ~ 7+ Mins. ~ What better way to spend a day then with a very sexy friend. I have had this huge crush on this friend of mine for quite some time and it looks as if the feeling was mutual. We have a very intimate and passionate moment in this clip where we are licking and sucking and caressing one another. Hope you enjoy as much as we did. Wink ... xoxoxo JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Game On - HD Video ~ 11+ Mins. ~ Hardcore girl on girl action with my sexy girl friend Demi Dantric. Needless to say we never did finish our game but we both definitely had loads of creamy fun. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Domination - HD Video ~ 25+ Mins. ~ It has always been  a fantasy of mine to be dominated by a female.  I met Indica Greenly a professional in just that craft of dominating men and woman. I arrived at her house and was met with a blind fold and shortly after tied to her bed. I was tortured with my toy and made to beg for her to allow me to cum. JOIN MY SITE FOR ALL THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!